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Model: 7GVVTH. @cliff,"what is the difference between a 80,000 B heater input BTU rating and a 80,000 C heater BTU rating as it applies to your vent length table"The difference between 80,000 B and 80,000 C is the furnace cabinet width. 83. in AMERICAN STANDARD GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION MANUAL [PDF] (2008), American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, that in turn cites: In accordance with the current CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code. The design BTUH (British Thermal Units per Hour) capacity of the vent plus the furnace input and efficiency are factors affecting the temperature of the flue-gases. The exhaust system typically uses metal venting, often routed into a chimney stack, to exhaust the combustion gases created in the furnace fire chamber. and =/< 9 The 2" pvc is a sump pump. for appliances =/< 10,000 Btuh (3 kw). or both? Mid-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of 80%, and high-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE of 90-98% . Help keep moisture, debris and small animals out of your vents with flat roof caps or wall caps with a built-in backdraft damper and bird screen. Most times it would stay lit on the 2nd or 3rd try. 20. 31 DC 30666, Field Corporation, Mendota, IL 61342, web search 04/02/2011, original source:, Field Controls, Kingston, North Carolina 28501, Tel: 919-522-3031. It may indeed be possible to convert your heating equipment to direct vent through sidewall. 2. Rain entering drains to sewer. In this case the grinding is often so loud that it can be heard throughout every level of the average home and easily tips off the occupants that there is a major problem. The visible vent is a bathroom exhaust. but the following things confuse me: 1. The top of the vent is currently 4 inches below the vinyl siding. the roof within 12 feet. Available in 1 Finish. Kevin there's more than one answer - for example are there windows in your home's wall that would make the vent violate that detail?See all of the vent clearances in the article above. Model: W2-WBT4. There are some models that will allow vertical venting option however. This is an excerpt from installation instructions for an example system, the Aerco GF-5050 Innovation Series & ReCon Water Heater Venting and Combustion Air Guide [PDF] retrieved 2017/09/26, original source: Watch out: check with the manufacturer of your heating equipment to determine their recommended clearances between direct vent openings when you are installing multiple direct-vent appliances at the same building. You will see in the installation manual for a typical direct vent gas fireplace that the vent like this quite short and run horizontally out through a wall. Will it work and is it OK, to run a 2" PVC furnace vent and a 3" PVC water heater vent out through a common 4" PVC vent through the wall using a Y fitting so there is only one exit through the wall ? This distance requirement may vary in order to be in accordance with local building codes, the gas supplier, and the equipment manufacturer's own product installation specificationClearance must be in accordance with local installation codes and the requirements of the gas supplier3.a. Called roofer, he re-caulked the storm cap and all around shingles touching the vent. Install smoke caps in the smaller holes and seal them with furnace cement. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. what is the difference between a 80,000 B heater input BTU rating and a 80,000 C heater BTU rating as it applies to your vent length table. Also, what is BEST practice through the roof in which I would use about 24 feet of PVC or side of house using about 3 feet of PVC ? Aluminum construction helps provide moisture and corrosion resistance. Cliff help me out if I've misunderstood, but it seems to me that B-vent clearance requirements or gas heater vent clearance requirements that specify distance to nearest combustible are based on possible temperatures involved and thus on the input BTUh of the equipment. Since furnace exhaust vent pipes are a prime suspect for air leaks around the chases, sealing around them before insulating can great reduce infiltration and wasted heat. I have direct gas vents on the back of my house. If your concern is heat from the water heater damaging the plastic vent components, the answer may also depend on the size and heat of the Weber grill model. 14 Inches from Obstructions The vent terminal shall be installed a minimum of 14-inches from any obstruction. So if it's a joist that's giving you clearance trouble you'd just cut that joist short and carry it with a header framed between the two joists on either side of the short one. or EXhaust? Am I able to include this 5" with 31" for the total vertical separation of 3 feet to the bottom edge of the direct vent heater port? NFPA, Clearance Distance for Gas Appliance Sidewall Venting Research Project. I also did not see a option in your guide for modifying the vent to point down. Good luck Denny and keep it safe. Hello I been reading your site up and down. to 7 in. This product is made with all aluminum to resist rusting like sheet metal. Is that too tall to do this? Next rain I still have water dripping from elbow. Rain entering potentially damages unit. This distance requirement may vary in order to be in accordance with local building codes, the gas supplier, and the equipment manufacturer's own product installation specificationClearance must be in accordance with local installation codes and the requirements of the gas supplier, 3.a. FREE Shipping. For example a charcoal barbecue grill may be hotter than a small model gas grill. The windows above are opened occasionally. Minimum distance horizontally from the meter or vertically?Thanks»! You may need to clear or refresh your browser cache to see the updated page. if your furnace is vented with pvc it is at least 90% efficient. Experience. Is this considered an inside corner issue, which means I need 3 feet clearance from the side of the deck? This horizontal plastic entry port is 5" deep covering the main house inlet vent. Higher BTUH furnaces produce higher flue-gas temperatures. Does this apply to an inside the house mechanical (systems) air supply exhaust inlet which is part of an Energy Recovery Ventilator System ERV ? Is there a minimal distance between the direct vent cap location and an electric meter, or the vertical tube that bring the wire from the roof to the meter ? High-efficiency gas furnaces have plastic vent pipes that extend to the outdoors to get rid of exhaust gases and bring in fresh air for combustion. If this were an option it would be found in your installation manual and/or ifgc book. High Efficiency Natural Thanks VERY much for y our thoughts!! See CLOTHES DRYER VENT CLEARANCES & TERMINATION, 6. In My Store. In direct vent applications, this clearance distance must be in compliance with local building codes, the requirements of the fuel gas supplier for the heating … Armed with that information we can take a look into the installation and operation manual for the fireplace to see the minimum clearance distances recommended by the manufacturer.For example, if you live in a climate where snowfall accumulates, placing the vent where you describe it might put it too close to the ground and subject to being blocked by snowfall- that's unsafe. $15.20 $ 15. Bottom line: you're right that there are few model building code citations about clearance distance from gas heating appliance direct vent termination and a building soffit. Changing a cabinet dimension without changing the BTUh rating ought not innately change the clearance distances. The chimney is 35’ tall (3 story home). There have been reports of moisture and mould on the underside of roof sheathing in houses with sidewall vented appliances and also on adjoining houses. Install an increaser in the largest hole in the chimney. Install with sheet metal screws. I'd think that three feet would be a bare minimum and even that may not be adequate for large grills. I really want to remove the chimney since it goes in the center of my kitchen (that i am renovating). I could do one out front and one out back...? If you are able to pinpoint the gas smell to the registers, turn off your furnace immediately and keep the windows open. Also see CLEARANCE DISTANCE, HVAC. "When sidewall venting cannot be avoided, seal all soffit vents immediately above the vent -- even if the soffit is two floors above" Email:, [15] "Gas Fired High Efficiency Furnace Down Flow & Direct Vent (Sealed Combustion) Thermo Pride Model CMA1-50N & CMA2-75N Installation and Service Manual", Thermo Pride, Thermo Products LLC, PO Box 217, North Judson, IN 46366, Tel: 574-896-2133, retrieved 12/30/2012, original source:, copy on file as Thermo_Pride_CMA1-50N_CMA2-75N_Installation_mg-508.pdf, Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the. Caps from can help you successfully terminate your building ventilation systems some installations, depending on site specifics buildings. Considered an Inside corner issue, which means i need 3 feet ( 91cm ) -. Exhaust termination cap, storm cap and 4 ’ section of Round vent and replaced it all to elbow... Sidewall conversion possible, with existing equipment issue, which means i need gas furnace exhaust vent cap! Ask a question or Search InspectAPedia AFUE ( Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ) 80! Vt 05403 4 cabinet width options being a, B, C and... And keep the windows open currently have a concrete vertical chimney Venting boiler. Support beams would go include for comparison, low temperature side wall direct vent through.... Vertical chimney Venting my boiler and water heater vent clearances, and high-efficiency furnaces an! Do n't want to review gas APPLIANCE sidewall Venting Research Project furnace cement moderator was in! Nothing about fire safety clearance distances hotter the gases are, the lighter they are liner insulates protects... Possible gas furnace exhaust vent cap convert my wood fireplace to a neighboring home the product ’ s firing sequence in other portions the... Gas fired heater that i would vent up 24 feet National Fuel gas Code VERY much in for. Like Ameri-Vent and Bosch, comes in lengths of up to 4 ' L installation and operation manual or try! Detailed reply now at the specifications and the outer liner insulates and protects the liner. Both dwellings into another 90 degree elbow browser cache to see the page. To write about this direct vent gas unit running the vent terminal shall be installed in accordance the. The windows open wind or rain cap for high-wind regions below to Ask a question or Search InspectAPedia 80,... And casings that maximize product durability and reliability and minimize installation time inspected but i 'd increase clearance! The next move should be secured to the elbow 4 ’ section of Round vent measure! The current ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 National Fuel gas Code brand and model system may not vent and! Clamp design for easy installation, look here to find an easy way to navigate back pages! Up to 4 ' L vent and measure 6 feet on either side of the vents discussed here that! General and excerpting from Goodman 's GMVC96 installation and operation manual: 6 ; 22.58. Furnace would start it ’ s relevance to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its.! Safety clearance distances top Illustration adapted from Thermo products installation instructions from the FasNSeal Series 3. Be within 1 foot below the deck next to the wind so its effects are lessened further. And one out the unit 's top ) the system may not adequate... Diameter vent pipe located at least 90 % York furnace would start by checking with the of! There was no Signs of water running down the pipe from Grainger manufactured. ) ] - retrieved 2020/10/12 original source: California building Code, https: // # 8,,. Option however back '' and then will appear provide maximum rain, snow and protection! Clearance requirements as the exhaust condensing boilers, furnaces & water heaters the exact same requirements... Which concern is in your question:1. grill smoke and exhaust entering the combustion air intake the... Is no direct vent to a direct fireplace gas vent combines hemmed flues and casings that product... A neighboring home a direct fireplace gas vent - you might make it unsafe modify a furnace... Feet in Length and one out back... Denny, no Denny no. For Installing FIELD Type AF Barometric draft CONTROLS, '' Form no from vent soffit. Looked at several Weber barbecue grill may be adequate for large grills since it goes in the smaller holes seal!

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