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Explore 14 different engineering disciplines. Please send your proposal plan of substitute courses to students@mech.ubc.ca no later than June 5 in order for it to be approved prior to the registration deadline of June 22 . Post type: Master of Engineering. Requirements. To apply for undergraduate admission into Electrical or Computer engineering, visit UBC Engineering.Students who wish to transfer between departments within the Faculty of Applied Science should contact Applied Science Engineering Student Services. UBC attracts some of the most wide ranging talent both nationally and internationally. 200-level MATH courses from a student's engineering program (excluding MATH 221 and 223) may be included in this total. For information on the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, see the Computer Science entry in the Arts section. ECE’s Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Graduate Programs: Master of Community & Regional Planning (MCRP) Master of Engineering Leadership in Urban Systems (MEL) Master of Arts in Planning (MAP) program is designed for students who want to pursue their electrical and computer engineering education beyond the undergraduate level but are looking for an alternative to a thesis-based research program. There are over 160 faculty members in ICICS from a wide range of fields, mainly computer science, electrical, computer and mechanical engineering, and over 800 graduate students. Find co-op placement opportunities through both UBC Sauder and Computer Science. program must have an accredited (by UBC) four year Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or a closely related field. If a program is not listed in this overview or if individual component scores are not listed, the UBC standard minimum requirements apply: 90 for the internet-based exam (with minimum component scores of 22 [reading, listening] and 21 [writing, speaking]). Stop the needless concern as you’ve been protected by college learners we’ll answer all your questions about UBC engineering degree requirements in the twinkle of an eye. Computer Science. Software Engineering Option (enrolment suspended) The Software Engineering Option, in Computer Engineering, puts a greater emphasis on methods and process for the design of software-intensive computer systems, including requirements elicitation, software design, software quality, user-interface, and software project management. Commencing: September 2018. If you do not find a product that fits your business needs, please feel free to reach out to us and we will work with our IT Hardware vendor representatives for quotes on other products in their catalogue. Discover your passions. CPSC 322 ... English-language requirements. Recognized internationally for excellence in research and teaching with a conscious focus on interdisciplinary programs, the Department encourages diversity both within its community and areas of study, and plays a leadership role in research, While studying computer science, you’re learning how to break down complex problems, understand how everything fits together, and propose creative solutions.You’re also developing important technical and professional skills that can be applied in a variety of industries from technology to health care, earth sciences, and many others. MORE details. Given below are the basic details for admissions at UBC’s engineering programs. Please be sure to inform the Faculty of Science about these exemptions when you apply to transfer. Mechanical Engineering MEng, MASc, PhD Each graduate program has different admission requirements, learn more about them and be sure to review the deadlines, admission requirements, and application process to apply. Get your UBC degree in computer science and learn how to use and improve computers. degree only after obtaining credit for all courses listed in the program of study for a given Engineering program. Students must include at least one of MATH 217, 227, 263, 264, or 317 (students who have successfully completed MECH 222 are exempt from this requirement). Application Deadline: 15th January 2018. Applicants to the program must have a high scholastic standing and must have demonstrated an aptitude In the Bachelor of Science Computer Science program on UBC’s Okanagan campus, you’ll learn how to use and improve computers. For UBC Staff and Faculty, listed below is a selection of hardware that we recommend to support your work and activities; these computers include 3-year warranty coverage. 2nd Year Placement is the process by which first-year engineering students are placed in discipline-specific engineering programs for the remainder of their BASc degree. Use this information to confirm your Degree Requirements, review your core courses, and choose your humanities and social sciences elective. Pursue challenging academic coursework. Software Engineering; Find out more about the Program. Explore computer basics—from databases and operating systems, to software engineering, security, web development, and numerical methodology. Some programs may require additional materials or interviews from applicants, this is […] UBC: Bachelors in Engineering. Students in a Columbia College Computer Science program take courses at the first and second year level and may then seek admission to one of several university faculties, including Science (UBC), Applied Sciences (SFU), and Engineering (UVic). If you are interested in pursuing a second degree in Computer Science please see our Second Degree BCS program and Second Degree BSc program options. More information From your Science degree, you’ll develop skills and experiences that can translate into many career paths. The computer engineering program is structured to include group projects in 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of the program. A strong rapport between the industry and research communities is beneficial to both, especially in cases where the department focuses its research to developing real-world applications. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering Program is for students interested in pursuing advanced studies and research in Biomedical Technologies, Communications Systems, Computer and Software Systems, Energy Systems, or Micro and Nano Technologies. Substitute courses must primarily be 500 level from Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments. The Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering Program is for students interested in pursuing advanced studies and research in Biomedical Technologies, Communications Systems, Computer and Software Systems, Energy Systems, or Micro and Nano Technologies. The Master of Engineering program requires students to complete coursework with the option of completing a supervised project. School of Engineering. There are multiple ways to be admitted into UBC Engineering: Applicants to the M.Eng. UBC Engineering is the perfect place to build school-work-life balance. ... Principles, techniques, methodologies and tools for computer aided software engineering (CASE); human-computer interfaces, reactive systems, hardware-software interfaces and distributed applications. It comprises award-winning faculty and researchers, staff, and students, all engaged in a close-knit, inclusive learning environment with strong links to industry and government. The Computer Science program emphasizes thinking … Apply. Group project experience with substantial projects is usually not mandated in computer science programs. Check out the link for an overview of the first two years of Engineering at UBC Okanagan. Note: A three-credit course at UBC is typically 3 hours of lectures per week for 13 weeks. The UBC Department of Computer Science, established in May 1968, is one of the top computer science departments in North America. This requirement will normally be met by completing four Winter Sessions with full credit load (five Winter Sessions if completing the Co-operative Education program). Degree Requirements Students will be granted a B.A.Sc. A Computer Science advisor can help determine possible course exemptions within Computer Science. Established in 1908 , the University of British Columbia is an open research university . Degree Requirements A student will be granted a Bachelor of Applied Science only after obtaining credit for all courses listed in the program of study for a given engineering program. The Department of Computer Science offers opportunities for study leading to bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. Meet like-minded solution seekers. ... usually a minimum overall average in the B+ range (76% at UBC). Find UBC Computer Engineering graduates on LinkedIn, see where they’re working, and explore their career and academic paths. ECE’s Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Check Your Degree Requirements UBC’s Degree Navigator will help you make informed decisions about your academic […] Electrical and Computer Engineers develop computing systems, from chip architecture … Computer requirements for the engineering program are not mandatory; recommendations are based on feedback from instructors. Whether you're assembling robots or designing software, envisioning the means for environmental protections or finding new ways to communicate with people in the most remote regions of the world; through engineering you can serve the world in which you live.

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