nursing home flu outbreak

Information about influenza testing is available at: Neither routine infection control measures nor vaccination prevented illness, complications, or death in a nursing home outbreak of influenza A. The outbreaks have sickened hundreds of staff members and patients and led to scores of deaths. October 2004. Influenza transmission may have been mediated by staff via either contaminated hands or fomites. Immunization of Health-Care Personnel. 19 ACTION CARD: Respiratory Illness 29 Integrated care pathway (Checklist) for Acute Respiratory Infections in care homes (including flu-like illnesses) 29 Appendix 1: Transmission, incubation and communicability of respiratory pathogens 40 6, 2020 at 2:41 p.m. The burden of respiratory infections among older adults in long-term care: a systematic review. Drinka PJ, Gravenstein S, Schilling M, Krause P, Miller BA, Shult P. Duration of antiviral prophylaxis during nursing home outbreaks of influenza A: a comparison of 2 protocols. Implementation of Standard Precautions constitutes the primary strategy for the prevention of healthcare-associated transmission of infectious agents among patients and healthcare personnel. Notify the health department if a resident develops influenza while on or after receiving antiviral chemoprophylaxis. Information on. O’Neil CA, Kim L, Prill MM et al. behavior change), and may not have fever. 2018 Sep;46(9):1077-1079. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. Droplet Precautions should be implemented for residents with suspected or confirmed influenza for 7 days after illness onset or until 24 hours after the resolution of fever and respiratory symptoms, whichever is longer, while a resident is in a healthcare facility. 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According to outbreak data published by the state, there are 118 nursing home and 137 assisted living outbreaks. •The City of Laredo Health Department investigated the initial report via laboratory reports received by fax and Determining influenza virus type or subtype of influenza A virus can help inform antiviral therapy decisions. Antiviral chemoprophylaxis should also be considered in personnel for whom influenza vaccine is contraindicated. Published 23 October 2017 A team from the Public Health Unit at Sydney Local Health District has developed an application to help staff at Am J Infect Control. Throat swabs from two of 10 acutely ill residents yielded influenza A virus similar to the A/Taiwan/1/79 strain. Use of oseltamivir during an outbreak of influenza A in a long-term care facility in Taiwan. For more information on the antiviral agents see CDC’s influenza antiviral medication page for health professionals. Added information on patient group direction (PGD) templates. Effectiveness of post-exposition prophylaxis with oseltamivir in nursing homes: a randomised controlled trial over four seasons. The warning comes after a nursing home at Unanderra, near Wollongong, was placed in lockdown following an outbreak which began on the June long weekend.. Consider restricting visitation by children during community outbreaks of influenza. Emerg Themes Epidemiol 2014; 11:13. unavoidable mixing of residents or healthcare personnel from affected units and unaffected units). Flu outbreak kills two at Qld nursing home MORE than a dozen residents at a Queensland nursing home where two people died from the flu have tested positive to Influenza A. AAP March 28, 2013 11:22am As well, five staff cases were employed in other acute and long-term care homes. Dosage adjustment may be required for children and persons with certain underlying conditions. On 25 January, 2005 the Public Health Laboratory reported that all five specimens were negative for influenza A, B and … J Am Geriatr Soc 2001; 49:1025–31. To limit the potential transmission of antiviral drug-resistant influenza virus, whether in chronic or acute-care settings or other closed settings, measures should be taken to reduce contact between ill persons taking antiviral drugs for treatment and other persons, including those receiving antiviral chemoprophylaxis. In the majority of seasons, influenza vaccines will become available to long-term care facilities beginning in September, and influenza vaccination should be offered by the end of October. Providers must act fast to control the spread of infection. Member Research and Reports January 14, 2021 Brown: Adjuvanted Vaccine Cuts Nursing Home Flu Outbreaks by 17 Percent, Researcher Reports outbreak and rearrange non urgent visits to the home, if possible • inform the hospital in advance if a resident requires urgent attendance at hospital If you notice 2 or more residents or staff meeting these criteria, occurring within 2 DAYS (48 HOURS), in the same area of the care home you might have an outbreak. Oseltamivir is recommended for treatment of influenza in people of all ages. COVID-19 Clusters in North Carolina Report will be updated every Monday by 4 p.m. Gorišek Miksić N, Uršič T, Simonović Z, et al. CDC and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), recommend that all U.S. healthcare personnel get vaccinated annually against influenza. Clinicians should consult the manufacturers’ package insert for approved ages, recommended drug dosing adjustments and contraindications. The recommended dosing and duration of antiviral treatment is twice daily for 5 days for neuraminidase inhibitors (oseltamivir and zanamivir), and one dose for intravenous peramivir. When an influenza outbreak occurs in a nursing home, several measures can be implemented by the treating physician. Western Pac Surveill Response J 2016; 7:14–20. A spokeswoman said 27 residents at the Orchar Nursing Home in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, were known to have been affected by the influenza A virus. If resident movement or transport is necessary, have the resident wear a facemask (e.g., surgical or procedure mask), if possible. Infection 2015; 43:73–81. Treating and preventing influenza in aged care facilities: a cluster randomised controlled trial. CDC recommends antiviral chemoprophylaxis for a minimum of 2 weeks and continuing for at least 7 days after the last known laboratory-confirmed influenza case was identified on affected units. Persons whose need for antiviral chemoprophylaxis is attributed to potential exposure to a person with laboratory-confirmed influenza should receive oral oseltamivir or inhaled zanamivir. Cheng HY, Chen WC, Chou YJ, Huang AS, Huang WT. It should be noted that some long-term care residents may have difficulty using the inhaler device for zanamivir.

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