northeastern university electrical engineering

Complete all Mathematics/Science courses with a minimum of 30 semester hours. Diversity & Inclusion . Emergency Information • This minor is not open to students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. University Leadership. The BSEE degree requires a sequence of core courses and advanced study in one or more technical elective areas: electronic circuits and devices; signals and systems; fields, waves, and optics; power engineering; or computer engineering. Parents. The exact nature of the program of study will vary among candidates depending on the dissertation subject area and the candidate’s preparation. If more than one computer engineering fundamentals course is taken, it can count as a technical elective. Others use their problem-solving skills in diverse areas such as bioengineering, healthcare, electronic music, meteorology, and experimental psychology. design, modeling and control of power converters, power electronics for renewable energy systems, microgrids, variable speed drives and wireless power transfer. Network. College of Professional Studies. Our Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering prides itself on both research and teaching. Working at Northeastern. Teiichi Ando. Design and management of large-scale networks, supply chain design and resilience, collaboration and crowdsourcing in logistics, humanitarian logistics . Assistant/Associate/Full Professor – Electrical and Computer Engineering. Admissions; Undergraduate. Master’s students can select from seven concentrations (listed below) to align their coursework with their career goals. The minor area may be in another discipline within electrical and computer engineering or the minor area may be in another relevant technical or scientific discipline. University Leadership. 2 semester hours from the following course count toward the mathematics/science requirement: 1 semester hour from the following course counts toward the mathematics/science requirement: 1 semester hour from the following course counts toward the professional development requirement: Complete 28 SH of academic, nonremedial, nonrepetitive courses. Art at Northeastern. Graduate. Graduate. Lifelong Learning. We create a collaborative environment in which interdisciplinary work is encouraged and students develop close relationships with faculty and get involved in cutting-edge research. Course Duration (Or Credits) 24 months (Or 30) Program Link You can know more about this program on the university website. The components of the Information Age—global communication systems; computers and computer chips, and the software that runs them; as well as pacemakers, magnetic resonance imaging, and interplanetary space missions—are possible because of the efforts of electrical engineers. Maps and Directions. College of Professional Studies. Publications 3. Institutional Accomplishments. Part-time students and full-time students who have schedule conflicts can register in the streaming video sections. Electrical Engineering, BSEE < Northeastern University Top Electrical Engineering Capstone Courses : EECE 4790: Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone 1: 4: EECE 4792: Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone 2: 4: Electrical Engineering Technical Electives : Students can register for EECE4991/EECE4992/EECE4993 more than once. Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements. NUpath requirements Interpreting Culture (IC), Societies and Institutions (SI), and Differences and Diversity (DD) are not explicitly satisfied by required engineering courses. He is affiliated with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Northeastern.

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