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They are able to get the most out of their feed and turn it into growth. White but there are a host of other different colors, Short to medium soft glossy goats that can produce cashmere, mohair and the skin if fine for leather, They have short to medium length hair. Yes, if a first-time goat owner has space and grazing land. Boer goats commonly have distinctive brown heads and white bodies. I wanted a Kiko doe sired by Triple G & here she is! Reserve Your New Friend! The most common top quality meat goat cross-breeds all include Boer goats: Boer and Nubians, Boer and Angoras, Boer and Sirohi, Boer and Kiko, Boer and Osmanabadi, as well as Boer and Jamnapari. 1. She has kidded twins consistently, and all her offspring have been healthy and fast growing. Cats. The Kiko goat is a medium- to large-framed, hardy, vigorous and alert meat animal with high fertility, prolificacy, and high mothering abilities. Developed in New Zealand, Kiko Goats were imported to the U.S. and quickly established themselves as a hardy, parasite-resistant breed with excellent maternal traits. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can provide Kikos with supplemental feed to increase their growth rate. Tough is the perfect kind of mom you want for … Boer goats are known to be hardy, but some keepers may experience increased struggles with internal parasites when raising these animals in hot climates. The American Kiko Goat Association is the original Kiko registry, founded in 1994 to promote the breed, and the members quickly steered the organization towards promoting data-driven breeding decisions and accurate registry services. The profile and temperament of Alpine … The local feral goats in thousands of numbers are bred with imported dairy goats to obtain kiki breeds. 2. Kiko & Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Kiko goats are entertaining fun "pets" however they require a farm type setting and a lot of care. They love to climb and try to squeeze through fencing that is to small for them to fit through. How do kiko goats do in a hobby farm situation, can someone give me an accout of their time raising tem? Temperament: 5 ( 1 Mild, 10 Dominant) Handling: 3 ( 1 Easy, 10 Difficult) Worm Resistance / Famacha: Very Good. Livestock / Poultry. Siblings: Twins. … Alpine Goat. Kiko Goat Origin In the year 1970, the Kiko goat breed was first developed in New Zealand. Utility and Production. Kiko Goat; Toggenburg Goat; Meat Goats; Milk Goats; Goat Fencing. DrakesFarm, May 30, ... Boer goats actually have the mildest personality even more so than a nubian, nubians can be characters sometimes and a little louder than the Boer goats. Golden Guernsey Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Nubian Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Cashmere Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Spanish Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, and Care, Black Bengal Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Boer Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Alpine Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Angora Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, American Lamancha Goats: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Kalahari Red Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care. They possess long, pendulous ears like the Nubian goats. Arial has a stunning dark red colored coat. Around 1992, many Kikos were exported to the United States. Whether you want a small milking doe or a couple meat animals I can help. They are capable … The American Boer Goat Association is the main registry for Boer goats in the U.S. For now, feel free to continue reading. Kiko goats are great meat and milk goats. The does are not heavy milk producers but have milk with higher than … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They are very hardy and can adopt themselves with almost all types of weathe… Most of the goats are of white color, although they can be in almost any color. Boer Goat. I would go out to the yard and say... Where is my Lucy goat? Home; Our Does; Our Bucks; For Sale; Videos; Barn Talk; Documents ; More. SOLD 3-25-13. The Kiko goat is utilized mainly as a meat goat and is often crossed with dairy or other meat... 2. The Alpine goat is a medium to large sized goat breed that has no set markings or colors (although there are certain markings that are discriminated against). BIRTH RANK: TWIN This girl is like the poster child of a Kiko. DrakesFarm, May 30, 2013. Kiko goat It is a native New Zealand, its name comes from the Maori word Kiko, which means meat. This means less money spent on them and more money in your pocket if you’re raising them for profit. Established itself in milk production with high butterfat. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature milking breed; perfect for small homesteads and small families. Boer goats have some special characteristics which have made them different from other goat breeds. We do ship goats or you can pick them up yourself. USDA Tag : #0026. She would answer back with her sweet goat noises and come running. ... Kiko, Nubian, a Spanish goat, and Osmanabadi goats. Typical Characteristics 1. Dogs. The International KIKO GOAT Association (IKGA) has been established to preserve and advance the Kiko breed. She has a wonderful personality and she is producing some outstanding kids. They do not have any known health issues and are less prone to getting internal parasites. Each buck had to be a twin from the top 1% of the kid crop, and have sturdy legs and feet. And they can gain weight easily without the need to greatly increase feed under the right conditions. They are great with forage and are capable of coping very well on a low maintenance budget. Contact Us. Our Kiko, which we named after his breed, was a very sweet, shy boy that we purchased for breeding purposes. Goat Inquiries. Goat Housing Requirements; Select Page. Goat Health. Being generous with treats will tame even the most unruly or wild goat. We also have developed several polled lines and introduced new registered polled lines to our herd as well. The goat breed is known to be very docile and if you are a beginner in goat farming then this is the right breed of goat for you to start with. Straight face with … Their coat is glossy some have a ridge of hair along their spine, They are longer horned than the doe and they sweep outwards from their forehead, The does a prolific breeder with an extended breeding period, Usually around 148 to 155 day but most are 150 days. Originally imported from Nubia, Africa, the Nubian breed was developed by crossing British goats with bucks of African and Indian origin. “Kiko” means “meat” in Maori (a native language in New Zealand), and the Kiko goats are exceptional meat goats. Kiko goats don’t require as much supplemental feeding as some other goat breeds. I realized the KIKO was a breed of goat in a class all of its’ own. Physical characteristics of the Boer goatare listed below. Some goats can also be completely white or brown colored. Kiko goats (weighing roughly twice the weight of feral goats) are capable of high levels of meat production and can produce well under a variety of conditions. 3. The Kiko can make a good starter goat. Hardiness. It is a very temperament, calm and gentle which makes it a good specie for beginning farmers. Goat temperament has a lot to do with how much they have been handled. Boer have a wider thicker frame in general, not saying Kiko is not a good meat goat, it is actually a pretty good one just put togather differint and developed under differint conditions, kiko is a more narrow range type goat, some lines have been bred to a more "beefy" structure but not all, they were bred to produce off of basically a Minimalist stand point and developed in a wet mountanis region, the … Boer Goats are highly resistant to a lot of … Native to South Africa, Boer Goat is known for its succulent meat. Arial is an absolute delight, she is inquisitive and unafraid. Horses. In … Send. Excellent dairy temperament and can withstand a great deal of hardship and still produce milk well. KIKOS HAVE LIGHTER BONES THAN OTHER MEAT GOAT BREEDS AND PROVIDE AN EXCELLENT BONE TO MEAT RATIO. The Verata goat is ideal for small farms and is one of the two traditional goat breeds kept in the village from which it originated. The Kiko can... 3. It is always best to check with your local animal authorities on the various known predators in your area that could be a possible threat to your goats. on average a Kiko buck … They need a large space to roam, forage and graze on fresh green grass and trees. Also, this breed was resistant, but was considered a small breed and had little production of meat or milk. Welcome to Tennessee Kiko Farm ... We Got Your Goat! Kikos have a very high feed conversion rate. Date of Birth: 4-11-2013. the growth rate of young Kikos is another significant characteristics. Arial is well built with good hooves and parasite resistance. This post enlists some facts about Kiko goats. They are extremely maternal and protective over their kids, Not the top dairy goat but the milk quality is still good, They were not bred for milking although their milk is nice and sweet, Some good to know information about the Kiko goat breed. They produce vigorous, fast-growing kids that reliably raise to weaning due to excellent maternal instincts, and require little producer input, supplemental feed, or medical care. They are quite agile and nimble. Since Boers are meat goats a sturdy frame, well-sprung ribcage, and fleshy, compact appearance are the breed standard. Birds. Like some other goat breeds, the Kiko goat will also eat about anything they find in front of them. They are one of the most popular goats in some small farms for their meat and dairy as they are very versatile and can easily adapt to most any climates, environments and management systems. They come running for treats whenever we enter the pasture. Kiko goats, a breed created by crossbreeding feral goats with dairy goats, possess superior survival and growth instincts. The breed was a development from wild goats that could be found in numerous places in New Zealand. Name. They know their names and are quick to poke their nose in my pockets if I am carrying Animal Crackers… and I usually am. KIKO GOATS HAVE A GREAT TEMPERAMENT AND LOVE TO BROWSE AND FORAGE ON BRUSH, TREE LEAVES THAT THEY CAN REACH, AND ALL OF THE WEEDS AND PLANT MATERIALS THAT ARE LESS DESIRABLE TO THE OTHER LIVESTOCK HERE ON THE FARM. The Kiko goats are characterized by their ability to grow, reproduce and carry offspring under low feeding and management conditions. They do not mind other animals although the bucks can be a bit pushy and arrogant. She has great parasite resistance, great hooves, good temperament, and is an excellent mother with plenty of milk. If you provide … We purchased 4 KIKO herdsires in 1990 that met our specific selection and performance criteria. Arial is a twin. It is also less prone to … Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. Your email address will not be published. You are here: Home / Uncategorized / Quick Facts About Kiko Goats That are Simply Delightful Kiko Goats Size Up to Challenging Conditions Perfectly Adapted to the Southeastern United States. They also do not need hoof trimming as much as other goat breeds due to the structure of their hoof. Animals. We strive for does that produce good milk for multiple kids, feet, bones, a gentle personality as well as high weaning weight. Disclosure. They are quite climate adaptable and hardy. They had to exhibit a mild temperament, great depth of heart girth, spring of rib Our Kiko goats are spoiled. The kids are alert and get going rather fast after birth. The Alpine goat is a breed of domestic goat known for its excellent ability to produce milk. Photo Gallery. Temperament . If you are looking for the perfect goat for your homestead, you are in the right place! She is a beautiful color, has good hard hooves and … They are bred for meat. When purchasing male goats for a pet … They know how to take care of themselves and their kids under the roughest of environmental conditions. The Kiko goat is a graceful and agile goat that grows fast, breeds well and is almost completely self-sufficient. The Kiko is touted as one of the hardiest breeds of goat due to their recent feral origins. Kiko Goat Temperament Since the Kiko goat breed is known to be hardy and keen at survival, these same set of Kiko goat characteristics may make them aggressive and a little bit tricky to manage. ... shelter, pasture and fresh clean water. the full grown male Kikos have prominent horns and can have a bold personality. ... so Abigale is a product of two Texas bred Kiko goats. We love talking about … Although not by much the does are lighter and nimbler with softer features than the bucks. Birth Weight: 5.75 lbs. Email* Home Address. Developed in New Zealand, Kiko Goats were imported to the U.S. and quickly established themselves as a hardy, parasite-resistant breed with excellent maternal traits. These goats will result in more productive kids than their parent goats. Temperament. Registries are also looking for the following characteristics: Nubian (Anglo-Nubian). They can easily be handled and manage even by children. Boer... Kiko Goats Benefit from a Non-Standardized Form. If you purchase a shy goat, you can win its affection by quietly hand feeding it until it gets used to you. American Cashmere Goat Association (ACGA), A beautiful goat that comes from New Zealand. The parent breeds of Kiko breed were bred on an intention to obtain a goat who can mature quickly, does not require much care, and produce large carcasses. They have a great meat yield for goat meat and are resistant to parasites! Price: $250. The Kiko goats are very active and hardy, and they have a high feed conversion rate. These goats are so full of personality. Children should be supervised at all times around animals especially goats that are large sized breeds that have horns. Some with large properties never need the fence but, she seemed to want to wander. Boer goat is known for fast growth rate and excellent carcass qualities.The breed is originated in South Africa.. Now Boer can be seen in many countries well adapted to their local conditions and even cross-bred with local goats like Jamunapari goat, Angora goat, a Spanish goat, Kiko, Nubian, Sirohi, and Osmanabadi.. Out of all meat goats, Boer is the top meat producer. Even though they are quite a large breed they can still be attacked by wild dogs, the young by foxes or other cats such as mountain lion, etc. . if you are wanting the calmest personality with the most meat then by far it is … Home; Our Does; Our Bucks; For Sale; Videos; Barn Talk; Documents ; Home; Our Does; Our Bucks; For Sale; Videos; Barn Talk; Documents ; BWP Tough’s Tough Love. They can be a bit bossy and challenging in that if they do not want to do something they simply won’t. Our membership believes that by working together, we can continue to improve the Kiko breed through the use of controlled scientific study and independent performance testing. ... temperament, and vigor of the Goliath’s Keeper line. The are fast growing and efficient foragers. Food is a universal language that goats truly understand.

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